Amp Valve Replacements and Guitar amplifier re-valve kits supplied by Voc Rock UK

Buy replacement amp valves tubes 12AX7 EL34 EL84 JJ Electro Harmonix Tungsol Amplifier Valves and Guitar accessories online from one of the UK’s leading Vacuum Tube specialists.
We have a dedicated team of experts to help you choose the right Valves from leading makers such as Electro Harmonix, JJ Electronic, Tungsol, Mesa Boogie and many more. Please contact us for telephone mail-order, expert advice, and the best package deals.

All of our valves are Premium tested.  They are burned in and thoroughly tested on both analogue and digital specialised equipment in our labs before being shipped out.  We do not sell "Factory tested" valves of which a large percentage do not meet our exacting requirements.

For reliability and the best customer service buy with confidence from Voc Rock.

Voc Rock Guitars, leading Valve specialist and supplier to the music industry in the UK since 2005