Guitar Amp Valves VS HiFi Amp Valves

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Guitar Amp Valves VS HiFi Amp Valves

Expelling the Myth about Guitar Amp valves being different to tubes used in HiFi and high end audio Gear

We have a lot of our customers ask the question "I see you sell Guitar amp valves but do you have any tubes that I can use in my HiFi amplifier"?  The truth is that there are only 3 major tube manufacturers that are remaining in the world today.  One is the Russian Sovtek EH plant that also produce Tungsol tubes, the other is JJ Electronic in Slovakia Europe and the final ones can be found in mainland China often re-branded Ruby tubes, Golden Dragon etc.

There are many Factory branded (Electro Harmonix, JJ, Sovtek, Tungsol) and third party (Ruby tubes, Groove Tubes, Mesa, Marshall, Fender, etc) re-branded tubes to choose from but essentially they all come from one of the mainstay 3 manufacturers remaining today.  

The value add in some so called Rebranded HiFi / High grade tubes is that they have been specially selected from a batch and can offer advantages in low noise, high clean headroom and maximum frequency response bandwidth. But essentially the tubes come from the same stable as the tubes branded for Guitar tube amps and they offer carry a considerable price premium from the stock tubes.

If you have either a Guitar amp that needs valves or a have a particular HiFi tube requirement you should ask your tube supplier to select valves with certain attributes that more suit your application.  A good tube supplier will have the necessary equipment to do this for you in any brand that you choose.  For example in a Guitar amp you may need high gain, early distortion.  For a Hifi amp you may be more particular about tubes selected for low noise floor, low distortion and maximum clean headroom before distortion as well as maximum available frequency bandwidth.

Hope that clears up some of the myth about Guitar amp valves and HiFi audio valves being any different from each other.

Keep enjoying that great Tube tone be it Guitar or HIFI.