The Voc Rock 12AX7 B High Grade Valve

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The NEW Voc Rock 12AX7 B

We finally achieved it.  Our very own 12AX7 Pre amp valve released and ready to go.  These valves are sourced from one of the worlds biggest and most reputable tube manufacturers as High Grade Low Noise valves.  We then run them through our meticulous burn in and test procedures to weed out any under performing valves.  The best of the best are then deemed fit to carry our very own Voc Rock Brand Logo.

The valve has a very flat and balanced frequency response offering accurate musical representation whilst retaining that soulful Valve character that you can only achieve with Vacuum tube technology.  The valves are suitable for both HIFI and Guitar Amplification systems.

Give your amp a new leash of life.  Enjoy.