Tung-sol 12AX7 Review

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Tung-sol 12AX7 Review

The Tungsol 12AX7 is a high grade Russian valve. The valve is very well engineered and ruggedized using thick glass and firm internal supports. On test we very rarely see failures after burn in indicating good long term reliability. The gain factor of the valve is slightly lower than the average 12AX7 coming it at around 97 compared with the average 12AX7 valves tested which test out with a gain of around 100.

We found on audio test that Headroom was greater than other 12AX7's compared against and also that Noise floor was very low coming in at an average of 83dB compared with normal average noise figures for 12AX7 coming in at around 79dB. The valves sonic signature leans towards a slightly scooped mid range but very detailed and extended high frequency response and extended bass also. In Guitar application when the tubes are overdriven they respond with oodles of harmonics and really cut through the mix.

Like the EH 12AX7 the Tungsol valves show no heater glow when powered up. The heaters are concealed within the plate structure and do not show the familiar warm soft red light often associated with valves when lit.

In Hi Fi applications the valve shows excellent high end detail with fantastic seperation. Stereo image is defined and life like. The bass is extremely controlled and tight which is a bonus with Hi Fi tube gear. Very musical and pleasant tone from this fantastic valve. We liked this one a lot.